Friday, 12 June 2015

24 Hour Flash Sale Now On! 20% Off Luminous Nails, Acrylic & Gel Nail Art Design Book.

In Luminous Nails, Nail Art Design Book, you will learn to create...

1. Paua Shell Effect Nail Art Design - Marbleized Gel & Acrylic Nails - Most Popular Nail Design
2. Aqua Marine & Opal Effect Nail Art Design - Gel & Acrylic Nails - Very Popular Nail Design
3. Apple & Ice Marbleized Gel & Acrylic Nail Art Design - Very Popular Nail Art Design
4. Deep Purple Glitter Nails - Very Popular Nail Design
5. Navy, Teal, Mint, Black, Silver, Swirl Nail Art Design - Very Popular Nail Design
6. Purple & Orange Glitter Fade with Bling - Acrylic Nail Art Design
7. Black & White Chevron Nail Art Design - Created with Acrylic - Very Effective Nail Design
8. Black & Silver Acrylic Nail Art Design - Inspired by Rihanna
9. Lilac with Red Swarovski Crystals - A bling bling statement
10. Opal Sapphire Nail Art Design Effect  - Very Popular Nail Art Design

Also in Luminous Nails EBook... FAQ, How to apply Rhinestones and Swarovski Crystals, Products used to create each design and Product links.

Learn how to create these wow factor Nail Art designs for your clients... After receiving many request, asking...(" can you please tell me how to do you nails?, My client wants me to do your designs for them"). I decided to write a nail art book, showcasing some of the most popular design into a education/training Nail Art Book, for other to easily learn and recreate the designs for their clients.

The book shows each design with step by step up close, clear images and text for each step. The Nail Art designs are priced at $5 a design. This is excellent value, as I have paid thousands of dollars for all the Nail Art training and education I have done. This Easy to download Nail Art Book, can be viewed straight away from your desktop, laptop,  phone or tablet.

From one Nail Art Addict to another....Enjoy!